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MAAA Exemption against subsection 4 (1) of instrument CASA 96/17

MAAA Exemption against subsection 4 (1) of instrument CASA 96/17

Dear Members,

We received from Kevin Dodd, MAAA Secretary the Explanatory Statement and Exemption EX 156/17. This Exemption concerns operations near controlled aerodromes and operations above 400ft, as stated in Directive CASA 96/17.

This exemption returns us to the normal club operations prior to the directive CASA 96/17.

In issuing the exemption we are to refer to MOP004 Ceiling Height Extension and MOP061 Policy Model Near Full Size Aerodromes which have been amended to align with CASAs wording, in section 5A of both documents.To read the full MOPs please go to the MAAA website.

This wording is locked in and requires CASA approval to amend it which will also then require a new Instrument to be issued. The wording helps us to understand what is required for the normal safe operations.

If you have operations within 1 nautical mile of an aerodrome please contact ANSW so we can put in place the necessary Letters of Agreement and the requirements under the Exemption.

The MAAA will make Part 149 part of the operations within clubs so please ask your executive any questions regarding these developments.

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