MAAA Database Tutorials

Database creation tutorial videos have been created to help you learn how to add members, update existing members, add and edit club fees. You will be guided step by step on how to fill in the membership forms to include all member information. You will also learn how to extract information for various reports. The videos follow the MAAA Database procedure.

  • Video 1 is an introduction and explanation about how the training videos are laid out and how to navigate the various process that you may encounter while registering or editing members.
  • Video 2 will teach you how to add and edit the club fees.
  • Video 3 walks you through adding a new member.
  • Video 4 shows you how to edit club member details.
  • Video 5 includes the forms that need to be filled in when registering a member.
  • Video 6 demonstrates how to pull out information and compile the reports you may need to generate.

MAAA Database Part 1 - Navigation

MAAA Database Part 2 - Adding and Editing Club Fees

MAAA Database Part 3 - Adding Club Members

MAAA Database Part 4 - Editing Club Member Details

MAAA Database Part 5 - Adding Members to Club Details List

MAAA Database Part 6 - Extracting Information