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Constitution and Rules

Our Constitution is a document that directs us on how we will conduct ourselves in this sport. Please review this document when you are looking to understand how Aeromodellers NSW.

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Welcome to, website for Aeromodellers NSW. The following is important information regarding this site, our copyright to its contents and the rules for your use of the site.

This service may include a variety of features, such as calendar and forum, which allow feedback to us and real-time interaction between users, and other features, such e-mail services, which allow users to communicate with our executive.

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Safety, Safety, Safety!


Lipo Danger

I was charging this tiny .8mah LIPO in the shed yesterday and this is the result. Battery was slightly puffy prior to charging but no different from many I’ve charged in the past.

I did two things right.

  1. I stayed in shed while charging the LIPO.
  2. I charged it with battery sitting on a large slate tile.

The thing started fizzing and was well alight by the time I had picked up the tile (carefully) and removed it to the backyard. The only damage was a nasty chemical smoke smell in the shed. If I had left it unattended and not on the tile I am sure I would have ended up with a badly burnt bench, at the very least.

I guess it was a timely reminder to be bloody careful with LIPOS, even small ones.



Our mission is to keep Aeromodellers fun and exciting!

About Aeromodellers

Aeromodellers are all who are interested in the experimentation, innovation, design, construction, maintenance and flight of all or any model aircraft. Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing (Helicopters), Multirotors (drones), Gliders, Seaplanes, actually any airborne creation that takes to the sky and pushes the envelope of possibility. 

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