Media Release Tips

Any media release must be newsworthy!


Think about which journalist or publication is going to be interested in this as a story.

This format works best with media releases because journalists are time poor and want to get to the heart of the subject quickly. Always write your release in the third person as you see in newspapers.

Quotes are an important part of a release as they give it substance and make it more interesting. You must identify the speaker of each quote by including their name and position. Comments and views must be attributed to the person who’s options they are. Also be prepared to get a call from a journalist to validate the quotes and sources.

Remember that sometimes the whole release can be picked up and published, so make sure that if it appeared on the front page of the paper or splashed across a news site that you would be comfortable with everything that is in it.

Also less is more! The shorter the release, the better chance you have of getting it read and then possibly published.

Think through what is important to the reader.

Start with the Date and put in a location eg Sydney, Australia because on our website and in the media we might have people for overseas looking at what is happening in our area.

Your announcement

The first paragraph is the most critical. This is where you either interest the reader to read on, or better still, pick up the phone and call.

What you need to cover is who is this about, what is happening, when is it happening, where will it happen, why was it important and how it will happen.

If it adds to the story then include some background information at the end, but only if it adds value. This is also where a short description of the club or activity can be added.

To mark the end of the release put –ends .

Include the contact details of the spokesperson including their name, email and phone number or mobile.

If you are in doubt call Aranka Nolan, 0419540104.

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I’m a girl and I like it! Says pilot aged 9

Hawksbury Model Aero Sports, Bandon Road, Vineyard Air Show showing kids can fly too SYDNEY: 22 September 2013 – Miniature Aero Sports NSW (MAS) is presenting one of it’s youngest pilots at the Air Show on Sunday 6th October at the Hawksbury Model Aero Sports Bandon Road, Vineyard, NSW. Maddison Hunter aged 9 has been learning to fly with her Dad, Jason at the Vineyard Model Air Field for over 9 months. Alyssa Hunter aged 6 is also learning to fly.

Introducing young people to the aero modelling sport is a great way to get them into fresh air, give them a focus that develops their confidence and problem solving skills.

It is not expensive to get into this sport, as models these days are cheaper than they have ever been. There is a great community at the Hawksbury Field that supports the development of kids in the sport.

“I want to fly the big planes,” says Maddison, who is presently flying a model aircraft that is over a ¼ of the size of a real plane so she is flying a pretty big model.

Over 9 months ago they started flying on a buddy box system where Dad guides them through the learning. This system is used for the training of all new pilots.

This is the place for kids to learn to fly.

Robert Carpenter, President of Miniature Aero Sports NSW, said that the Vineyard field was excited about having the girls doing a flying display at the Air Show on Sunday 6th October, “Maddison and Alyssa have been preparing for the Air Show and as the youngest female pilots we have they will attract a lot of attention for other young people interested in this sport.”

“This sport is not just for boys but girls too. It’s open to children of all ages. It also introduces them to life skills that will never leave them.”

“The Air Show is a community event where we will be introducing families to our sport. We will be demonstrating all types of aircraft including Jets, Military aircraft, Aerobatic aircraft, Helicopters, Aero towing of Gliders, Trainer aircraft, and Control Line demonstrations,” said Mr Carpenter.

There will also be a display and interactive session by NASA Space Camp.

The event is free and parking is a gold coin donation.

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Media enquiries

Bob Carpenter, President, Aeromodellers NSW,

0438 171 070,

Tim Nolan, Secretary, Aeromodellers NSW,

0412 173 440,

About the Air Show, 6th October 2013


The field is located on Bandon Road Vineyard, NSW. There will be signs to the field from Windsor Road. The flying field is located 600 metres from the end of Bandon Road and cannot be seen from the road as it is over a large hill.


The Field is being prepared. There are two runways available to cater for different wind conditions. The runways are 50 Ft wide by 500 feet long with long low approaches. All forms of aircraft are able to be flown on the field.


Catering has been arranged with this being supplied by the Wilberforce Rural Flying Brigade. Breakfast will be available on the Sunday morning followed by lunch. Catering will also provide wholesome food and drinks to cater for most tastes.


Total number of aircraft in the air at any one time will be regulated for Safety.

Sunday 6th Is the Public Air Show. We will be demonstrating all types of aircraft such as: Jets (both Turbine and EDF), Military aircraft, Aerobatic aircraft, Helicopters (Turbine as well as IC and Electric) Aero towing of Gliders, Trainer aircraft, Control Line demonstration. All forms of power will be used and demonstrated. Other Activities

We have a display and interactive session by the NASA Space Camp. There will be static displays of Custom Motor Cycles, Race Boats, Hot Rods and Custom Cars.

We are looking to have a Jumping Castle for the Kids. This is still being arranged.

There will be raffles over the weekend with the draw taking place on Sunday afternoon.

Admission Charges

Cost of admission will be Gold Coin per car.

This is your opportunity to come along and enjoy a great flying display to see what Model Aviation is all about.

About Aeromodellers

Aeromodellers are all who are interested in the experimentation, innovation, design, construction, maintenance and flight of all or any model aircraft. Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing (Helicopters), Multirotors (drones), Gliders, Seaplanes, actually any airborne creation that takes to the sky and pushes the envelope of possibility. 

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