Event Checklist

Checklist for a Successful Event


We have all been to an event where things are not quite right. We have all experienced where the food queues are too long or they run out of food, where the toilets are dirty, or there are not enough of them or so far away you have to take a packed lunch. Events where no parking or traffic plans have cars parked everywhere are a different frustration. Or where you only heard about the event after it happened because you didn’t find out in time. As a volunteer organization we all do our best and running even the simplest event, calls for a number of things to come together on the day to make it work really well.

To try and help we have developed this template to support your thinking and planning of events and creating a great event. It is not exhaustive but a good start.

[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”Your Field For the Event”]
  1. The layout
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. CASA approval – Have you got it?
  4. Public areas
  5. Stall holders
  6. Toilets
  7. Food
[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”Flying Display Set-up”]
  1. What will we demonstrate?
  2. What is the best way to schedule the display? Sections or mixed up?
  3. Pilot flight competency check
  4. Aircraft check
  5. Routine agreed by all
[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”Advertising to the public?”]
  1. Where?
  2. Which publications or places are going to serve us best?
  3. Why that publication?
  4. What are the Costs?
  5. Deadlines
  6. Messages / design advertisement
  7. Timing in relation to the event
[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”Staffing for the event”]
  1. Display Director
  2. Pilots and crew
  3. Flight line control
  4. Field preparation
  5. Food staff
[subtitle type=”3″ subtitle_content=”Here are some other things to think about when planning your event”][distance]
  1. Who in the local area to we need to contact to advise that we are having an event?
  2. Is advertising going to be necessary and then what publications are we going to advertise in? Do we know what their lead-time is and when is the best time to advertise our event?
  3. Is the signage that is guiding people to the field, up and visible so that people can find the event easily?
  4. Is the parking well marked out and are there people who will greet and direct people into the right place for parking and the area for visitors?
  5. If it is complicated is there a map that can be given to anyone arriving so they know where they are going and where the food and amenities are?
  6. Is the layout of the field correct and in line with the requirements and regulations?
  7. Have you checked with the authorities that you are cleared to fly on the day and to the height that you want to?
  8. Who will be running the event on the day? Who is their deputy?
  9. Is there a uniform that club members will wear so that they can be identified?
  10. If media is coming to the event who is the liaison person and do they have a schedule of the pilots and aircraft to be able to line up interviews and potentially leave image files behind if that is required?
  11. Have all the contact details of those who are managing the event and key people been circulated?
  12. Are the necessary insurances in place and is the certificate of currency available should it be required?
  13. If there is food to be cooked is the gas bottle full?
  14. Are the toilets clean?
  15. Are there enough bins to collect the rubbish?
  16. Is the sound system assembled and working? What range do we have so we know where we are not able to be heard properly?
  17. Do the executive who are representing the club on the day need name badges?
  18. Have we a St. John’s Ambulance representative present?
  19. Is their enough water at the field?
  20. Has the local police been advised of the event?
  21. For food and drinks is there enough cool room or fridge capacity to accommodate the number of guests expected?
  22. How is the power and / or generator? Do we have enough fuel?
  23. Has the field been mowed and is the public area partitioned off for safety?

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