Aranka Nolan

Public Relations Officer

Aranka Nolan

I guess not many of you had Flight as your wedding theme, but Tim and I did. We had some great models suspended in the roof above us as the reception unfolded. Pilots were encouraged to bring their models and fly, within the marquee, on the lawn and down on the beach. I had to ring a few wives to confirm it was true.

Before you think I was a love struck woman, wooed by the charms of her boa you need to know some things about me. I am not conventional when it comes to many things and planes, flight and technology are in that group.

I was a tomboy as a kid and have been wielding a hammer since I was 6. My farming background suited my hands on approach and let me into the world of building and renovations in my teens.

Farm machinery is a great way to fall in love with all things mechanical and as much as I don’t really understand all of it, I love the ability the give to achieve so much. I was lucky enough to have to come from the farm, near Mudgee, back to Sydney by helicopter a few time. A Robinson I think but the thrill was wonderful.

I put in my application for Flight school when I was 15 as the first intake was at 16. All was looking good until financially things turned and that dream had to wait.

I remember having a robust discussion with the intake people for the Australian Air Force where they would not even consider a woman near a plane, let alone pilot one. I am glad things have changed.

Like everyone else the years rolls by and you get busy with the stuff that needs to be done and some dreams get shelved. In the meantime I forged a career in marketing and communications, kissed a lot of frog (Yuk!) until I found Tim!

Now this was just when I was about to enroll in Helicopter school in Newcastle. So then again distracted in the best possible way I found that there were other ways of getting a flight fix without the large expense of putting yourself in a full size.

Then I got pregnant with Thomas and have been further distracted and somewhat risk averse since then. I did however go up in a Tiger Moth whilst pregnant to give Thomas a bit of fun too. Awesome experience but probably not everyone’s cup of tea. I loved it of course.

So I have these skills in marketing and communication and a smoldering passion for flight, which now is more focused on very clever models. I definitely want to protect the future of model aviation for the generations to come and my son too. I hope you will help me do that.

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Aeromodellers are all who are interested in the experimentation, innovation, design, construction, maintenance and flight of all or any model aircraft. Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing (Helicopters), Multirotors (drones), Gliders, Seaplanes, actually any airborne creation that takes to the sky and pushes the envelope of possibility. 

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