Advertising Your Event

Advertising in the local newspaper or local digital publication can be a great way of getting people to know what is happening with your club.

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It can be expensive if you are putting in your own advertisement. There are a few things to consider when running an ad.

Identify the key message that someone locally would want to know:

  • Who is it going to be of interest to?
  • When is it?
  • What will the visitor see/experience?
  • Who to contact for more info?
  • Website for more.

With advertising less is more, so less text but more visual punch. As you will want your ad to stand out from the rest an image that is eye catching is very helpful.

Talk to the publication about their community messages and whether you can be included in that area before you commit to an advertisement.

You will probably need to run it more than once so make sure you schedule the ad at the best time to give people notice of your event.

There are a number of social online places to put you notice. Newspapers have an Events space that they may be interested in putting up a community message. EVENTFUL also has a community section where you can add your event details.

Local schools are another place where you can run an ad and it will reach your local community quickly. Mums are always looking for things to do with their kids.

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