Getting Started

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Getting Started

You are never too old or too young.

NOW is always a good time to start!

If you like the idea of being able to fly a model aircraft, then you need to do some investigation before you go off and buy that awesome looking, big plane with the turbo charged engines!

There is a bit to know before you get into this sport. It is all about you starting in a good place and developing your knowledge and ability. The nice part is that most members of this sport are very generous in sharing their knowledge and helping others to fly.

Your best starting point is to find your local club and have some conversations with people there. Many club members are only too keen to talk about their favourite sport and share their experiences, and that way you will learn a lot quickly.

This sport has been in existence formally since the 1930’s and in those day people built model aircraft from scratch. Today you can easily get some amazing models that have lots of clever things in them, that make the whole experience so much easier. Depending on how deeply you want get into this sport the sky’s the limit. You too can build from scratch if that is your interest or you can buy a ready to fly model (RTF) and with you knowledge on board your can be off flying and testing your skills.

Over the years clubs have figured out how to enjoy this sport with the least amount of danger and damage to your aircraft and yourself, as well as what makes sense for safety of others. Even though it is a model doesn’t mean that it can’t harm someone treated in the wrong way.

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There are instructors who can help you get started. If you are interested get in touch and we will put you in contact with instructors who can help you get to the skies. Ask on the home page.

You can get to that point of buying the very slick fast thing that looks amazing, but like a Formula One racing car you really should get a license to drive first.

You need to understand how your flying ability and the power of the model you want will work together to get off the ground and flying in this sport.

You need to understand where you are going to fly and land so find a club.

Remember if you want to fly in a park you need to check with your local council to ensure that it is ok. Some councils have special areas where you can fly, while others prohibit models entirely.

Always have the necessary insurance in place. As a member of a club under our Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (MAAA) your Public Liability insurance is included as part of your membership so you are covered (within the Terms and Conditions of our policy).

This is a great sport with lots of opportunity for innovation and aviation. So get interested

About Aeromodellers

Aeromodellers are all who are interested in the experimentation, innovation, design, construction, maintenance and flight of all or any model aircraft. Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing (Helicopters), Multirotors (drones), Gliders, Seaplanes, actually any airborne creation that takes to the sky and pushes the envelope of possibility. 

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