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Aeromodellers changed its name from Miniature Aero Sports New South Wales Inc. formally in February 2015. It is the State Association of Model Aviation Clubs that are the place of Radio Controlled Model Aviation within New South Wales, Australia. This covers all types of model aviation including helicopters, gliders, jets, quad copters, sea planes to name but a some of the range.

Our Mission


To grow and protect the sport of Aeromodelling for our members and those new to the sport.  We want to make aviation accessible for anyone who wants to export their capabilities in the varied aspects that the sport has to offer.


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Aeromodellers represents the interests of its many club members on a National level through its affiliation with the Model Aeronautical Association of Australia Inc (MAAA). Over 95 Model Aviation Clubs are currently registered with Aeromodellers NSW.

These Clubs have over 2000 members, making Aeromodellers NSW one of the largest of the Australian State Associations for model aviation.

Aeromodellers NSW holds business meetings every 2 months, which are open to all affiliated members and their guests. While most of the meetings are held in Sydney, we strive to hold 2-3 country meetings each year to enable members who live too far from Sydney to come have a meeting in their area. Attending any of these meetings is a great way to see your Association at work. It is also a good opportunity to ask questions or raise important issues that may be of concern to all modellers.

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Our Vision


To promote the development of Model Aviation in NSW. To be the place where innovation and recreation come together for an activity for the individual and groups.  To promote, organise and encourage model aircraft construction and flying through the community of Clubs in NSW.

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Time Nolan

Treasurer & State Field Officer

Steve Norrie

Newsletter Editor

Rob Masters


Greg Hoy


David Lewis


George Atkinson

CFI - South

Brandan Tucker


Clive Weatherhead

Public Relations Officer

Aranka Nolan

CFI - North

Martin Cochrane

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